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US Sports Betting Landscape May Change in 2018

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US Sports Betting Landscape May Change in 2018

Sports betting landscape may change soon, with more US states turning their eyes towards sports betting legalization. Apart from the long-term efforts of New Jersey to see sports betting become legal, other states have also been considering possible expansion in terms of sports betting.

The beginning of the month saw the Supreme Court hear arguments in Christie vs. NCAA case, which has put the Governor of the state of New Jersey against the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and a number of other professional sports leagues in a legal battle associated with sports betting legalization.

New Jersey Sports Betting Legal Battle

For some time now, New Jersey has been considering a possible expansion of the local gambling market by adding sports betting to the list of permitted gambling activities, while some sports leagues and associations have been trying to block these moves.

Actually, the state of New Jersey was the first one to recognize the opportunity back in 2010, and made an attempt to create a regulatory landscape that would provide local customers with the chance to place wagers on sports betting.

The state of New Jersey argued that the federal Professional and Amateur Protection Act (PASPA) violates the anti-comandeering principles of the Tenth Amendment, which would mean that the Congress does not have the power to compel states to ban certain acts.

For the time being, the PASPA considers sports betting illegal, with the Act’s provisions saying that states are not allowed to license, authorize, sponsor or advertise sports betting in any way. Still, the state of New Jersey has been making some efforts to officially provide its residents with the chance to bet on sports and sports events. As mentioned above, a number of sports leagues and organizations such as the NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB, along with the NCAA have argued that no such thing is allowed under PASPA.

Minnesota Could Make Sports Betting Legalization Attempt

The decision of the Supreme Court about the sports betting case of New Jersey could have a strong impact in a number of other states, including Minnesota. Despite the fact that several sports leagues have been standing in the way of New Jersey’s efforts to legalize sports betting, such a case scenario is still possible.

Pat Garofalo, a Minnesota lawmaker, has revealed his intentions to introduce a sports betting legalization effort in the next legislative session.

In any case, if the sports betting case of New Jersey is favored and the Supreme Court gives the nod to sports betting expansion in the state, the opportunity to grow the number of businesses in Minnesota and generate a large tax revenue should definitely be taken into consideration.

For the time being, no less than 15 US states, including New York, Michigan and South Carolina, have made or plan to make sports betting legislation attempts, aimed at legalize and regulate sports betting.

As for the state of Minnesota, local businesses will draw benefit in case that the local legislature acts quickly. In addition, bad players in the local gambling market could be sorted out by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. The financial benefits for the state are also not to be underestimated, as the the state of Minnesota could generate tax revenue exceeding $100 million in case that it legalizes sports betting.

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